Coming up next week: Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT London

We really can’t wait for the gate to open next week and for the show to beginn. There will be a bunch of wonderful people on stage and in the audience representing the most profound digital transformation knowledge you will find in one room on a single day.

The program includes experts (in order of appearance) Euan Semple, David Terrar, Anne McCrossan, Lee Bryant, Benjamin Ellis, Alan Patrick, Dion Hinchcliffe, Greogory Culpin, Harpreet Gosal and Janet Parkinson.

Moreover we have leading Digital Transformation Best Practices on stage presented by corporate evangelists and digital pre-thinkers, with substantial project success achieved:

  • Kevin Austin of Shell International
  • Celine Schillinger of Sanofi-Pasteur
  • Dave Shepherd of Barclays UK Retail Bank
  • Luis Garza of CEMEX Group

Amongst the participants are representatives of companies like: NHS, Transport for London, Barco, Burberry, Richmont International, Thomson Reuters and many more.

Find out about the whole conference A few seats are left, yet.

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