Enterprise Digital SUMMIT 2016 - Digitize & Revolutionize

On June 1 & 2 the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT gathers again though-leaders and practioners in field of the digital transformation of work and the enterprise. The two days conference offers exciting insights and practical experiences on both the future trends for the digital enterprise as well as on the how-to enable successfully and lasting transformational changes towards a 21st century organization. The conference is happening at the UIC-P Espaces Congrès in 75015 Paris. Many companies are struggling with the  long lasting re-adjustment of their organization for the digital age. Various initiatives and projects on the digital transformation fall short because of the disconnection between the initiative and the business value creation and because of the misfit of the digital possibilities and the existing organizational model. With the key theme “Digitize & Revolutionize – Moving beyond the Digital Transformation” the 2016 edition of the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT addresses these challenges and tries to provide answers on how to solve these. Key topics of this year's conference are the discussions on the recent technological advancements for the digital workplace like messaging platforms, intelligent bots and the overall idea of the platform as operating model for the enterprise of the digital age. Furthermore various project leads from companies like Air France, Euroclear, Solvay, Roland Berger, Evonik, Amadeus and more give insights into their lesson learned on how to change the organization. As keynote speaker the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT has invited again thought-leaders to discuss the future of the digital enterprise:
  • Haydn Shaughnessy, Center for Digital Transformation, University of California & Author of "The Elastic Enterprise"
  • Francois Xavier Rousselot, Professor of Machine Learning, IE Business School International MBA Paris / Madrid
  • Paul Miller, Author, CEO & Founder of the Digital Workplace Group
  • Dion Hichcliffe, Chief Strategy Officer, 7SUMMITS
The Enterprise Digital SUMMIT is a European conference on social collaboration, the future of work and the digital business transformation for the digital age. The conference is been organized by Kongress Media since 2008 (formerly as Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT) as a yearly gathering of thought leaders, experts and practioneers. Since 2012 the conference is established in Paris with French partners supporting it and great acknowledgement of an international attendee community. The discussions at the Enterprise Digital SUMMIT are at the heart of exploring the key factors on how to design the value creation for the digital age and to reengineer the existing organizational and managerial model to adapt with the digital challenges. The idea of the conference is to create a “unique learning experience” to advance and improve the on-going projects and capabilities of the attendees in this field and to help to increase the competitiveness. More information: http://www.enterprise-digital.net/paris The attendance fee is EUR 1290,- (for a two-day conference pass) and EUR 790,- (for a one day conference pass) .

Key facts

  • Size: 120-150 attendees each year
  • Origin of Attendees 60% France, 40% European Union (Germany, Benelux, Nordics, Spain), 10% International
  • Seniority Levels of Attendies: 40% Senior Management Level (Communications, Collaboration/OD, HR), 60% Project Leadership Level
  • Content Formats at Enterprise Digital SUMMIT: 60% talks of corporate project leads with insights to lessons learned, 20% expert talks and discussions, 10% keynote talks & 10% interactive workshops
  • Core values of “Unique Learning Experience”: intense discussion and sharing of knowhow and experience, strongly curated agenda with a good mix on the different aspects of the topic


Enterprise Digital SUMMIT is seen not only as conference, but as a unique learning experience on the exchange of insights and practical knowledge around these topics. A multitude of online events like the #e20s Expert Talks as well as offline #e20s Meetups provide various opportunities for the community to exchange insights and experiences. The conference hashtag “#e20s” (old) / “#entdigi” (new) is a widely accepted hashtag for relevant information on this topic shared on Twitter – also not related directly to any conference actions. The conference blog covers and curates the key topics of the discussion in line with the yearly conference.

About Kongress Media GmbH

Kongress Media GmbH is a provider of high-class business events and information services covering topics within the fields of Content & Knowledge Management, Social Web Strategies and Business Innovations. The formats include online & offline events as well as information services with a strong focus on delivering valuable knowledge and insights for corporate decision makers. More information: www.kongressmedia.de

Press Contacts

Thomas Koch, tk@kongressmedia.de, phone +49 89 2000 1462 Kongress Media GmbH Tegernseer Landstrasse 29 81485 Munich, Germany

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