Kongress Media appoints Rogier Noort as "spin doctor" for the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT 2014


As the preparation of Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT 2014 is taking up speed we are happy to announce the appointment of Rogier Noort of Noort Social Business in Belgium as our official "spin doctor" for this year's conference in Paris next month. Rogier is an experienced social business expert and enthusiast, well-known to the European E2.0 community and already part of our #e20s 2014 Ambassador Program. He will support us in bringing out the message about the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT prior, during and after the event. Rogier's take on his appointment is this:
Rogier Noort, NOORT Social BusinessA short time after learning what Social Business is, and entails, I visited #e20s 2013 in Paris. I was presented with a host of experts and knowledge. This, combined with meeting such interesting people advocating the true social aspect of 'business' was quite the eye opener. It was, by far, the most interesting and inspiring conference I attended. Being asked firstly as ambassador, and later as 'Spin Doctor' is just a fantastic way to be actively involved in what I perceive as the most wonderful community in business today.
The plan for Rogier's activities foresees some exciting interviews with some of our speakers, some background discussions on specific topics of the conference as well as the ignition of the pre-conference interconnection of people. We are very much looking forward to the support of Rogier as well as the other members of the #e20s 2014 Ambassador Program that consists of the following fine list of people:
  • Thierry de Baillon (Associate Partner, EsTeam)
  • Cecil Dijoux (Blogger, Consultant, Speaker, Author, #hypertextual)
  • Samuel Driessen (Manager Projects, Entopic)
  • Marie Pierre Fleury (Founder & CEO, CANDEN & id-carrieres.com)
  • Fabien Grenet (Service Designer & Entrepreneur, HENSEN conseil)
  • Rogier Noort (Consultant, NOORT Social Business)
  • Claude Super (Social Business Consultant, E-20.CH)

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